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SQLcl: Sequences should not be transferred

Soeren DMar 21 2024 — edited Mar 22 2024


I try to use SQLCL Liquibase to update my testdatabase based on LiquiBase XML from my development database.

I see more tables being listed as changed than I expect and I recently got multiple unique PK violations on different tables (all involved tables uses IDENTITY based primary keys).

This makes me fear that the identity columns starts_with value is transferred to the destination database. If that is true, how can it be avoided? It makes no sense in my case. Sequences should be incremented locally and never transferred to another platform.

I have tried to remove the entire <IDENTITY_COLUMN></IDENTITY_COLUMN> from the XML file and it appears to fix the issue. Can anyone verify that this is the way to go? Do you know @thatjeffsmith-oracle ?

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Added on Mar 21 2024