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Sending value to Item in Inline Dialog region

Rohit MittelMar 30 2024 — edited Mar 30 2024


I am using an Interactive Report in which I have made a button which will be used to open details of the product selected. I want to show these details in a modal dialog, so I made an Inline dialog region and opened that dialog by making the report button as link and using the following URL:


The issue I have is that in order to show the details of that particular product I need to send the name of that product in an Item in the Inline dialog region which I am unable to do. I tried using the below code to send value, but it does not work in my case.


Please suggest any changes in my code or if you have any alternative solutions for this it will be helpful.

Workspace: Apex_demo_rohit

Username: demo_user

Password: demo@1234

Application: Demo Application(2312)

Page No: 2

Apex Version: 23.2.4

Thanks & Regards


This post has been answered by Karel Ekema on Mar 30 2024
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