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Sending emails with UTL_SMTP and images

Javier PDec 22 2023

Hi All,

Am trying the send emails using UTL_SMTP package.
The problem is with the images embedded in the body.

Am using a CLOB field and in Apex am able to insert images into the CLOB field which is the body of the email. So I have all the info needed including the CLOB field with the images inserted along with other text.

I can send the email but the receiver is not able to see images in the body since the image is not accessible to them.
If I can send the images within the email as attachments the receiver will be able to see the images in the body even thou the same images are as attachments. I have no problem with having those images sent as attachments in the email.

The problem that am trying to solve is there is any way I can scan the CLOB field for images and include them as attachments in the email using the UTL_SMTP package.

Is this possible?

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Added on Dec 22 2023