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Self Service Portal Configuration

Ravikiran GudikandulaSep 18 2019 — edited Sep 18 2019

Dear Experts,

I am setting up self service portal in our lab, below is the specification.

1. OVM Server on Linux installed on VM.

2. 1 HP DL 380 Gen 10 Server with 128GB Memory and 1.2TB Local HDD.

3. OEM 13.3.1 Installed on the Linux on VM.

I have setup the OEM for building the self service portal.

Below is the procedure followed.

1. Installed the below plugins.

Oracle Cloud Framework                       oracle.sysman.cfw   

Cloud Services Management                    oracle.sysman.csm   

Oracle Database                              oracle.sysman.db    

Oracle Fusion Middleware                     oracle.sysman.emas  

Oracle Consolidation Planning and Chargeback oracle.sysman.emct  

Systems Infrastructure                 

Oracle Cloud Application                     oracle.sysman.ssa   

Oracle Virtual Infrastructure          

Oracle Virtualization                        oracle.sysman.vt    

Oracle Exadata                               oracle.sysman.xa    

2. Create the below roles with below privileges.




3. Done the OEM integration with OVM 3.4

4. Created SSA USER with role EM_SSA_USER (No additional privileges provided)

4. Created the Virtual Appliance from the OVM and exported to OEM server.

5. Created the software library folder in OEM.

6. Published the Software Folder to the Roles and Zones.

The above setup completed successfully.

While raising the server request from the SSA USER, we are encountering the below issue.

Messages for this page are listed below.


Validation failed for server orcl-linx-01:ORCL-VM-ASSEMBLY


Root Password cannot be blank. Enter a value for Root Password


Confirm Root Password cannot be blank. Enter a value for Confirm Root Password.

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Added on Sep 18 2019
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