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Select list doesn't appear while switching between the pages of IR table on APEX 5.04

3474044Aug 21 2017 — edited Aug 22 2017

Hello Masters,

I have a select list search item for a column named NETWORK. The problem I have is when I change the page of IR table from 1-100 to 101-200, the item disappears. I gor help to create the items in the following threats and with the help of @"Zapp_Brannigan" , @"fac586" ,

Search item near the default search on interactive report (on APEX 5.04)

Search button process error for interactive report (Help with linking search button, numeric item, database) on Apex 5.0.4.

I have attached the current settings of the item and the problem I have.

Thanks for helping!

1) I have the Search Network item in the page from 1-100 and it work (when i click on the any list item in the select list, the page refreshes and shows the rows with the Network items I chose)


2) When I change the page from 1-100 to 101-200, the Select List disappears.


3) The followings are the current setting I have for the Select List



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Added on Aug 21 2017