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Seeking Guidance on Sending WhatsApp Messages from Oracle Database 11g

M Usman YounasDec 9 2023 — edited Dec 11 2023

Dear Oracle Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a project where I need to integrate WhatsApp messaging capabilities with Oracle Database 11g. The objective is to send WhatsApp messages programmatically from the database.

I have explored various options and understand that the WhatsApp Business API is generally used for this purpose. However, I'm seeking guidance on the specific steps and best practices for implementing this integration with Oracle Database 11g.

Here are a few key points to consider:

WhatsApp Business API: I am aware that the WhatsApp Business API is the recommended approach for sending WhatsApp messages programmatically. However, as an individual developer or a small business, the API access is often provided through WhatsApp Business Solution Providers. Could you please share your experiences with such providers, and do you have any recommendations?

PL/SQL Integration: I am looking for guidance on how to implement the integration with Oracle Database 11g using PL/SQL. Are there any specific packages or procedures that are commonly used for making HTTP requests to the WhatsApp API endpoint? If you have sample code or examples, it would be highly appreciated.

Best Practices and Considerations: What are the best practices and considerations that I should keep in mind while integrating WhatsApp messaging with Oracle Database 11g? This could include security considerations, scheduling messages, and error handling.

Community Experiences: If you have successfully implemented a similar integration in your projects, I would love to hear about your experiences. Any insights, tips, or lessons learned would be incredibly valuable.

I appreciate any assistance or guidance that the Oracle Community can provide on this matter. Your expertise is invaluable, and I believe that your insights can greatly contribute to the success of this project.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from the community and learning from your experiences.

Best regards,

Muhammad Usman Younas

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Added on Dec 9 2023