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Seeking Assistance with "Unexpected End of File" Error in Bash Scripting

user-0mwzxAug 8 2023 — edited Aug 8 2023

As a beginner in Bash scripting, I have encountered a common challenge that I believe some of you might have expertise in – the dreaded "Unexpected end of file" error.

I've been working on a Bash script, and I've come across this error a couple of times and want to resolve Unexpected end of file error – Bash Script / Shell Syntax Error. While I understand that it occurs due to missing or mismatched delimiters, I would greatly appreciate your insights and guidance in resolving this issue effectively.

To provide some context, here's a snippet of my code that triggered the error:


if [ "$1" == "hello" ]; then
echo "Hello!"
echo "Goodbye!"

# Missing "fi" for the second "if" statement
I'm quite sure that the issue is related to the "if" statement block not being closed properly, but I'm struggling to identify the exact mistake. Could someone kindly point out where I might have gone wrong in this script?

Additionally, I would love to learn about any best practices you follow to prevent these types of errors in your Bash scripts. Any advice, tips, or resources you can share would be immensely valuable to me as I continue to improve my scripting skills and contribute meaningfully to our community.

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Added on Aug 8 2023