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Secure Backup / TSM licensing formula

user12200293Mar 19 2019 — edited Mar 27 2019


We're using TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) to process our RMAN backups on disk and as we recently deployed Transparent Data Encryption environments, we need to install and configure the Oracle Secure Backup component on our environments.

But the question of required license number is not clear for us; The licensing documentation tells "1 license/stream is required" but as we don't use tape drivers for our backups, it's not clear what's the definition of a stream when using TSM/TDPO (Tivoli Data Protection for Oracle). I found an old discussion about the definition of a stream that said:

A stream is defined for the backup device. This could be a tape drive or a disk pool. With tape drives, the calculation is easy: 1 drive = 1 stream, since only one process can write to or read from a tape drive at any point in time. With disk pools, you have to configure the maximum number of concurrent jobs (= streams) that are allowed to access the disk pool in parallel.

It doesn't help me a lot to calculate the number of required licenses; does anybody has a precise formula that can be applied to a TSM backup on disk configuration ?



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Added on Mar 19 2019