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Second trigger returns 3 times as many rows as the first.

821045Dec 5 2010 — edited Dec 5 2010
I have created 2 triggers. The first trigger (Trigger1A) inserts rows into table A. The second trigger (Trigger 2B) inserts data into table B. Trigger 1A fires 3 times and inserts 3 rows into Table A.
Trigger 2B should also fire 3 times and insert 3 rows in Table 2B. However, Trigger2B fires 3x3 times, inserting 18 lines in TableB. I can extract the lines correctly using DISTINCT,but it bothers me that this happens. Is there any way to avoid this? Its worth noting that the Procedure that Trigger 2B fires returns only 3 lines when I execute it manually.

Thanks for any assistance

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Added on Dec 5 2010