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Scripting in FDMEE

JanGLiNov 16 2016 — edited Nov 16 2016


I am trying to write some befimport script. I have seen the examples provided by oracle but i can hardly understand them. I don't even understand either it's java api or jython script.

This is the example:

? ,? ,? ,? ,? )  """ sourceConn = sql.DriverManager.getConnection("jdbcUrl", "user", "password"); # Limiting number of rows to 5 during the test runs. selectStmt = "SELECT * FROM orders WHERE rownum < 6" stmt = sourceConn.prepareStatement(selectStmt) stmtRS = stmt.executeQuery() while(   params = [ batchName, stmtRS.getBigDecimal("Customer_Id"),               stmtRS.getString("Ship_Country"),               stmtRS.getBigDecimal("Freight"), stmtRS.getString("Ship_Name") ]   fdmAPI.executeDML(insertStmt, params, False) fdmAPI.commitTransaction()
stmtRS.close() stmt.close() sourceConn.close()

What i understood is that:

fdmAPI.function () is where JAVA api is being called e.g. fdmAPI.executeDML(insertStmt, params, False)


variable.somefunction() is jython. e.g stmt.close()

Kindly do correct me if i am wrong.

So if i understood correctly i will create scripts combining jython + java api.

Can anyone guide from where can i start learning scripting in fdmee. I don't find oracle documentation of any help in this case.

Probably because i didn't knew jython/python.

Kindly guide.

This post has been answered by Francisco Amores on Nov 16 2016
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