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script/steps are not generating while recording the application using Oracle Fusion/ADF Load Tests

3675213Mar 20 2018 — edited Mar 20 2018

I am new to use OATS tool 13.2 version,

After creating Oracle Fusion/ADF Load Tests and made changes in preferences:

1. Record> HTTP: a) In General tab, Recorded mode  as "HTTP", Secure Protocol as "SSL"

                               b) In Proxy settings tab, unchecked the box "Chain Proxy" field.

2. Play Back: Unchecked the "Use a Proxy"

3. Step Group: Set the "1sec" to Based on time threshold field.

4. Correlation> HTTP: Unchecked the "Web Default (System - version

After clicking the record button, the browser get launched but what ever actions performed in browser the steps are not creating in the Open script test cases.

Kindly help this kind of issue,


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Locked on Apr 17 2018
Added on Mar 20 2018