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Scheduler jobs running late or skip

orkun_tunc_bilgicApr 2 2024 — edited Apr 2 2024

DB: Autonomous Database - Transaction processing

Env: Oracle Cloud

Version: Always Free

My repeating scheduler jobs running late or sometimes skipping one or more runs. This occurs randomly but there should be a logical answer. I'm not using my resources because i'm the only one person who work in that database & apex apps. So the resources should not be an issue.

I have dev & prod environments , this issue exist in my dev environment.


For prod environment here is the result →

As you can see in prod , average delay looks good for a job repeating every 1 hour. There is no minutely delay.


Here is the results for dev server which has exactly same apps, resources with prod. There is no customer or developer in these servers only me . Also this dev result is based on a test job which doing nothing. Others are disabled currently thats why those one's logs are not realistic →

Delay in seconds ;

Delay in minutes;

As you can see there are delay based on minute and seconds. And i want to remind that, this is the job that should be run every minute. Also you can see an example record here →

So i decided to check active session history →

I try to understand these ones but many of them looks like neccessary and ran by Oracle or it's services.

Here is my testjob logs →

Here is my job details →

My job properties (i keep them as default) →

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