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Scaling OSB Managed Servers 11g

SM_MiddlewareOct 1 2019 — edited Nov 28 2019

Dear Experts, I am following document " " to scale up OSB Managed Servers in Cluster.

Our current Environment is 1 OSB Domain with 1 OSB Cluster with 2 Managed Servers . 1st  Managed Server on Host1 and 2nd Managed Server on Host2.

Our requirement is to scale up such that there will 4 Managed Servers in Cluster . 2 on Host1 and 2 on Host2.

I am attaching document with detail steps and few clarification required. "ScalingOSBServers_Community_V2.docx"

It would be of great help to me if any OSB expert can review and provide there feedback.

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Added on Oct 1 2019
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