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RWRUN60.EXE problem with export to pdf (Greek Characters are converted to uknown)

zznbillyOct 13 2020 — edited Oct 15 2020

Pls I need yr assistance
When I run in CMD.exe the command RWRUN60.EXE (with many parameters and DESFORMAT=PDF) my greek characters are not displayed inside the exported PDF although in Report File (RDF) as well as during report conversion "Print to PDF" (through RDF) are displayed with no problem.
I open the PDF document with PDF-XchangeEditor. I'm facing the same problem with the embedded PDF Editor of Mozilla Firefox as well as with Adobe PDF Reader. I've also tried to export in DESFORMAT=HTMLCSS and even though the results are displayed in greek the derived CSS is not responding exactly to the RDF original one (displays double lines, first field similar to header field etc.)
What should I do?
Thanx in advance
Billy P.
Athens - Greece - Ellas

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Added on Oct 13 2020