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Runtime personalization/customization in WCP

GaganArnejaMar 11 2018 — edited Mar 13 2018

We need to create a launchpad of applications on our portal. Essentially this launchpad is just a collection of image icons, that will launch an intranet application when clicked.

Users of the portal (employees) should be able to remove the image icons that are irrelevant to the user, at runtime.

If I use : "Display Options" -> "Allow Remove" on the image component, the user is able to remove the icon, it also persists on the next login, but I don't see any option to add the removed image icon back .

Oracle documentation states : "Keep in mind that you can restore a removed component only by editing the page and adding a new component instance" [Ref :

Is there any other way to achieve personalization at run time ? can the user change his view of the page without having edit privileges ? We def cannot give edit privileges to all users.

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