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Running Oracle Golden Gate for db2 for i

user-baixbOct 27 2023

Hi All,

I have a source database IBM DB2 for i-Series.Can I run Oracle GoldenGate for IBM DB2 for i

i) in a remote system to extract the data from the source database?

ii) Oracle Golden Gate for IBM DB2 for i can be run as container inside a x86 platform?

I have read inside oracle document that “Oracle GoldenGate for DB2 for i runs directly on a DB2 for i source system to capture data from the transaction journals for replication to a target system”.is that means it is only possible to run ogg4db2 for i in the same system where db2 database(source) is running? and not possible to run rit in a remote m/c which can connect to the source db and extract the data?

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Added on Oct 27 2023