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running dbca from ansible

Neil TingleyFeb 8 2024


Running dbca from ansible - it hangs. Silently.

Looking at a ps -ef you can see a perl process , is waiting for something.

Digging into the logs it seems it's wanting a password. You can see a line in the logs :

PerlEngine.readPerlOutput:597 perl engine output: Enter password.

The root cause is that the linux oracle user has /sbin/nologin shell. Changing the user's shell the /bin/bash fixes the issue but we can't do this as a permanent workaround.

I can do something like to run dbca from a ‘login’ shell.

su -l -s /bin/bash oracle -c <dbca command> 

As a work around.

Any other suggestions to get around this ? If I could set an environment variable that would be great.

I am passing -sysPassword and -systemPassword to dbca

/bin/dbca \
-silent \
-createDatabase \
-templateName foobar.dbc \
-responseFile foobar_cdb_install.rsp \
-memoryMgmtType auto_sga \
-redoLogFileSize 50 \
-ignorePreReqs \
-systemPassword {{ oracle_db_sys_password }} \
-sysPassword {{ oracle_pdb_admin_password }}
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Added on Feb 8 2024