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Routing Token format invalid

4069143Aug 28 2019 — edited Aug 29 2019


I recently changed the certificate of the gateway and also upgraded from 5.3 to v5.4.

I re-generated self-sign certificates for SGD Servers 1 & 2 (array), allowed the Untrusted CA, imported the new SSL certificate (trusted, not self-signed) for the gateway and installed the sgd gateway certificate on the SGD array.

I can see the new certificate when browsing the gateway URL, i have the VDI broker restriction and then i have "Launching client" and then a gray/white screen.

In the SGD server logs i have an error :

WARNING: Routing token format invalid.

august 28, 2019 1:01:05 PM$ReadRoutingTokenOp parseBuffer

WARNING: Failed to read token for (TCP) Local=/XXXXXX:443, Remote=/XXXXXX:49937 via (SSL) TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 :$RouteProtocolException: Could not read token body from websocket

i re-generated and re-followed the procedures again and again but still the same issue. I don't really see how to solve this.

Is someone have an idea ?


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Added on Aug 28 2019