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Rolling Months/Qtrs

668566Nov 7 2008 — edited Nov 18 2008
Hi all

i would like to get data for last N no.of months from the FISCAL MONTH(ex: 2008/03) or From the FISCAL QUARTER (ex: 2008 Qtr 4) ,that means if i use prompt and give the 2008/03 it should fetch the last 3 months data (for 2008/01,2008/02 and 2003/03) similarly if i select 2008 Qtr 3 then it should fetch 2008 Qtr 1,2008 Qtr 2,2008 Qtr 3 data.

For this i have to create a prompt.

Please let me know the procedure for this scenario.

Ramesh B
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