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Robot.mouseMove & Mouse-Motion Listener problem

843807Jun 13 2010 — edited Jun 23 2010
Hi there!

Here is my problem :

I am using a Mouse-Motion Listener. Thanks to this listener, I can catch the movements of the mouse. I have implemented the “mouseMoved(MouseEvent e)” function.

I am using, in my function “mouseMoved(MouseEvent e)”, a Robot (java.awt.Robot) object. I use the method “mouseMove(int x, int y)” of this object to replace the pointer of the mouse (it's the general purpose of my program).

My problem is that this movement created by “mouseMove(int x, int y)” is handled as a normal mouse event by the function “mouseMoved(MouseEvent e)” so these two functions start an “infinite loop”.

Do you know how I can proceed to avoid this “infinite loop” ?

Thank you for your help,
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