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RMAN | Oracle 11gR2( | Restoring Linux Backup to Windows Instance

rthampiMar 2 2018 — edited Mar 6 2018

Hi guys

I managed to restore a RMAN backup that was created on Linux (OEL 6.x) to a Windows instance. The instance is up and running (learning lab) & I have checked for invalid objects and the count is 0. Prior attempting the cross-platform restore, I was mostly reading about Transportable database for platform migration & opted RMAN restore for a scenario when the SOURCE is not anymore accessible and I am left with ONLY the backups (and ignoring that I can setup another Linux environment, restore, do with transportable database factor).

As I have the instance online and could perform all the intended, what are the possible issues I may face with such a migration in a production environment? Please explain

thanks and regards,


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