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RMAN DUPLICATE from DC to Azure: network performance

Dear DBA FrankApr 28 2022 — edited Apr 28 2022

When running an RMAN DUPLICATE FOR STANDY FROM ACTIVE for an 800GB 19c database that sits in our datacenter to a new 19c database in an Azure VM, it takes too long (my SSH session timed out after half-a day). The same thing between 2 machines sitting in our datacenter takes less than 2 hours (DOP 21).
I'm also using a DOP of 21, but the issue lies not with CPU power but with the network. The main wait event while that RMAN DUPLICATE FOR STANDY FROM ACTIVE on the source is "SQL*Net more data to client":
image.pngWhile on the target database (which is not in OEM yet), it's "remote db file read"
image.pngSo, 3 questions:
to mitigate the "remote db file read", would it help to use FROM ACTIVE DATABASE USING COMPRESSSED BACKUPSET?
to mitigate the "more data to client", how can I configure RMAN to send bigger chunks of data?
how do Azure users set up Dataguard (primary in datacenter, standbys in Azure)?

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Added on Apr 28 2022