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rman delete obsolete but keeping reclaimable backups in FRA

Franck PachotMar 18 2015 — edited Jan 11 2016


A configuration that is often use is:

-> backup to FRA which is local

-> backup the FRA to a remote destination (NFS mount point for example)

Obsolescence in FRA is automatically managed and we don't need to delete obsolete there.

Obsolescence in the remote destination has to be managed manually with a 'RMAN> DELETE OBSOLETE;' command.

My problem is that the 'delete obsolete' also deletes those that are obsolete in FRA. But I don't need that and if I have enough space in the FRA that it's better to keep older backups just in case we need them. They are reclaimable and will be deleted is more space is needed. But there is no RMAN syntax to do that.

What I propose is:

  • the 'delete obsolete' do not delete reclaimable files in FRA. we need to add 'FORCE' in order to do it.
  • or add a new syntax such as 'delete obsolete from destination '/...'; where we give the path where we want to delete obsolete. This is similar to the syntax used for 'backup recovery area to destination'

The first one is my preferred solution. There is no reason to delete reclaimable files from the FRA when we do not specify FORCE



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Added on Mar 18 2015