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RMAN Backup

Richard LeggeMar 28 2024

Hi. SE

Hi, I am testing a backup setup.

I have a live database. It is in archivelog mode.

I take a cold RMAN backup very evening (including Control file). I then copy this RMAN backup to separate backup server.

I have a clone of the production server on the backup server. Although the Database, control, and Redo files are a copy from a few months back.

I went through a scenario of restoring and recovering the database on the backup server:

  1. restoring control file from the overnight copied RMAN
  2. Restoring the database from the RMAN backup.
  3. Copying all the Archivelog files from the live server from a point just before the RMAN backup was taken
  4. Recovering the database with the archive logfiles.
  5. Switching the logfiles on the live server to get the last archivelog and applying that

I'm then trying to ‘Alter database open resetlogs’, and its saying that system1.dbf still needs recovery. When I check the SCN number (based on the archivelog file name), the SCN number it is asking for is way before the first archivelog it asked for during the recovery process.

So, I'm a bit unclear as to why this is, and what I could do to get around it. I thought a full RMAN restore would bring my datafiles up to date to the point of the RMAN backup.. I'm sure I have gone through the same process before, without any problems.

If someone could advise, Id appreciate it.

Many Thanks

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Added on Mar 28 2024