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Right click on IR (Apex 5.04)

r.E.apexAug 18 2017 — edited Sep 22 2017

Hello masters,

I have created a form to modify a column. So, when I click on the cell of the column, it opens the page to modify that data. The problem is, the user can't copy (select -> right click -> copy OR select -> ctrl+C) the data from the cell because it is like button-link (unless one opens the form and takes the data from there).

What I want to do is to add right click option. So, when the user right click on that cell, it would give an option to go to another page on the application. (example I found:  )

Can anyone please help me to create this option on my application?


The following screenshot is what I have right now, and i can just click on the date, but can't select it and copy.


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Added on Aug 18 2017