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review error messages

Mr. CMar 15 2018

Without specifying specific error messages, wouldn't it be a good idea to review the messages which are displayed alongside ORA- error messages ?

I have the idea that a lot of them could be :

- expanded into a more correct description of possible issues (instead of only the first possible issue) (still limiting itself to a sensitive length of text)

- some are just missing the name of the object on which the issue occurs

I know that this could trigger undesired effects, but please behold this: Oracle did the correct thing by identifying each error/warning with a number, AND with a text description. Obviously, the idea can not be other than: the number IS the reference to the error, and the text is only clarification to the context of an error. The fact that errors have translations, prove that point. So, anybody saying: I'm identifying errors on description, and not on number: maybe that is not a good idea. It wouldn't be already, if you behold different languages.

But, in that context, and if a description of an error message can actually be improved ... why not ?

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Added on Mar 15 2018