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Retriving a cookie variable in a init block

717256Sep 8 2009 — edited Sep 9 2009
I configured obiee for sso.

Here is my instance config:
<SSO enabled="false">
<!--IMPERSONATE param is used to get the authenticated user's username and is required -->
<Param name="IMPERSONATE" source="cookie" nameInSource="SSOUSERNAME"/>
<Param name="NQ_SESSION.TICKETID" source="cookie" nameInSource="TICKETID"/>

Here is my init block in the repository
SELECT ':USER' FROM dual where obiee_auth_api.validate_and_expire_ticket(':USER', ':NQ_SESSION.TICKETID') = 'Y'

When I run that, I dont get logged in.
If I replaced ':NQ_SESSION.TICKETID' by a hard-coded ticket id like 'xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx' it works and I'm logged in.

So I guess I'm not retrieving the variable value correctly.

Does someone know how to do that?

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