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Retrieving PDF from blob

JulijanOct 20 2014 — edited Oct 27 2014

Hey, I have 3 questions that are sort of related to each other, so I will just ask them in the same thread.

First one is, when setting a BLOB format download mask, and setting the content disposition to inline, how can I make the link open in a new window instead of navigating away from the same window? I tried to add an attribute target="_blank" but that didn't work.

Second one is, I've been struggling for a couple of days trying to retrieve PDF blobs and display them in a report region. I can retrieve them as a downloadable object. I searched a lot online, and became even more confused. Can anyone help with that?

Third one is, in my table I have files of both JPG/JPEGs and PDFs, is there a way to tell my report to differentiate between them and display either the content of the blob (either image or the pdf) based on that?

Viewing an image already works with no problems with the following code:

select TABLE_NAME, FILE_NAME, dbms_lob.getlength(INHOUD) AS INHOUD from tmp_blob WHERE (concat(table_name, file_name) = :P109_DESCRIPTION);

Combined with the following BLOB mask


Using APEX 4.0

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Added on Oct 20 2014