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Repositories Getting Error After Maintenance Network

Yoga H.KOct 24 2017 — edited Oct 31 2017

Hi Guys,

I have a problem, actually critical and big problem with the repositories.

Our Office did maintenance network so the OVS need to be down when maintenance is happening. So, 3 servers in one cluster pool was shutdown before maintenance.

After maintenance was done, i startup all the servers, and then i checked the OVM Manager, and suddenly the repositories show me error, not warning anymore.

I have checked the event and the repositories show me the event like this below


I tried to refresh the file system and the storage but nothing works.

Actually, the virtual disk in there still working normal, so the VM still running well, but i worried if in the future, this problem will getting worse, such as repository is missing from the OVM.

Because my fifth repository has been released suddenly from repository, and cannot take the ownership back.

Please to guide me solve this issue, i need guide to face this OVM.



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Added on Oct 24 2017