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Reports Destinations API 12c

Torsten KleiberAug 11 2022 — edited Aug 11 2022

Environment: Forms & Reports on Windows 10.
I have used till 11g a self defined destination via the Oracle Reports Java API Reference:
Destination (Oracle Reports Java API Reference) (0 Bytes)Reports Builder (%DOMAIN_HOME%\reports\bin\rwbuilder.bat) does not start, as long I reference in reports.bat my reports destination in the classpath:

set REPORTS_CLASSPATH=%REPORTS_CLASSPATH%;C:\Oracle\FR122140\reports\jlib\my_destination.jar

Some questions:
Is the API further usable in 12c?
I have not found the 12c version of Oracle Reports Java API Reference, does anybody have a link for this?
Has something changed in the API? Do I have to recompile my destination?
Anything else to allow successful start of the reports builder again?
Best regards

This post has been answered by Torsten Kleiber on Aug 12 2022
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Added on Aug 11 2022