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Replication OGG Oracle to MySQL error

820117Feb 23 2011 — edited Feb 23 2011

could you help me to resolv this error,,because i'm a newbie in OGG,,
and i want to try replication from oracle to mysql..

this is parameter on source and target :

extract eora
userid orgg, password orgg
rmthost, mgrport 7810
rmttrail ./dirdat/rt
table orgg.test;

replicat rora
SOURCEDB telkom, userid mygg, password mygg
MAP orgg.test, TARGET telkom.test;

and this is the message error :

GGS ERROR 500 Retrieving table information (checkpoint: 'TELKOM.GGS_CHECKPOINT').
Access denied for user 'mygg'@'localhost' to database 'TELKOM'.

2011-02-23 14:27:17 GGS ERROR 190 PROCESS ABENDING.

what should i do ??anyone can help me,,

i try to dblogin in ggsci earlier..

GGSCI (mysqlgg) 18> dblogin sourcedb telkom, userid mygg, password mygg
Successfully logged into database.

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