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Replay of binary log files slow with large blob data

3433127Apr 15 2017 — edited May 18 2018

Problem occurs while replaying binary log files during a point in time recovery when the log file contains blob data larger than 50MB.

While running 'mysqlbinlog logfile-bin.000001 | mysql -u root -pxxxx' the mysql process runs 100% cpu and there is no database activity for a period of time, then it completes and the data is in the database.

If the log file is 100MB this could take 20 minutes, if 300MB could take an hour.

Seeing this problem only in MySQL Community 5.7, previous versions (5.1,5.5,5.6) no problem.

Prior to 5.7 even large log files take only a few seconds.

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Added on Apr 15 2017