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Replace "Could not reserve record" msg with WHO has it locked?

Aaron L.Aug 23 2023 — edited Aug 25 2023

Can we replace the “Could not reserve record (2 tries). Keep trying?” message with “{username} has this record locked in the {module} screen.”?

Currently users call IT or put in a support ticket to “unlock record xxxxx”. We just start killing sessions that could possibly be locking that user up. Many times, it is the same user that has that record open in a different window. Other times it is the person sitting across from them. It would be nice if they could take care a lot of these themselves.

Granted, sometimes their screens crash and leave their sessions open and we're the only ones that can kill those, but I don't think that is the case most of the time.

Or is that a bad idea?


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Added on Aug 23 2023