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Renaming a column using BeginDDL

user1486505Jan 23 2017 — edited Jan 24 2017


We have run across an issue where renaming a column using the dbms_wm.BeginDDL function NULLs out the values of the column after the dbms_wm.CommitDLL function is completed.

Here is the script that is run:

EXECUTE DBMS_WM.BeginDDL('Address');

   Alter table Address_LTS rename column polelink to facilitylink;

   Alter table Address_LTS add Facilityentity number(3) default 53;

   Alter table Address_LTS add streetaddress varchar2(60);

   Alter table Address_LTS add CREATEDATE  date default TO_DATE('March 06, 2016, 01:00 P.M.' , 'Month DD, YYYY, HH:MI P.M.');

   Alter table Address_LTS add UPDATEDATE  date;

   Alter table Address_LTS add CREATEDBY   varchar2(32) default ' ';

   Alter table Address_LTS add UPDATEDBY   varchar2(32);

   Alter table Address_LTS add UPDATEDVERSION   varchar2(30);

EXECUTE DBMS_WM.CommitDDL('Address');

The newly named column "facilitylink" is NULL for every row in all Workspaces (including LIVE) after this script completes. We have tested this on version without any problem but version on the customer's server appears to have the problem. 

We are attempting to spin up another version of to verify the issue.

Any knowledge of this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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