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Relative path of image oracle reports builder 10g

nf jFeb 8 2024

Im trying to load an image from a relative path of my computer but i cant manage it to work.

I tried with a simple new blank report

Just added a formula in model view that returns a character ‘/test.gif’ as relative path with properties read file=true and format=image (NAME CF_1)

Then added a formula field in paper design view the field has properties origin= CF_1 type=formula data-type= Character read-file= True File-Format = Image

And i always get the error: REP-0108: File nor found '/test.gif'

I tried placing the image in the same folser as the report. Placing the file at root installation folder of the program. Placing the image at ROOT\reports\docroot . Placing the image at ROOT\reports\docroot\images

But none worked.

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Added on Feb 8 2024