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Regions within Regions?

739464Jan 5 2010 — edited Jan 19 2010
I'm working on a new application for a client, and they've provided a very specific verison of what they want the pages/reports to look like. In order to follow their layout as closely as possible, I either need to be able to put a region inside another region, or set some kind of title bar spanning all the columns in two or more reports.

For example, they want one page to look like this:

I was hoping I could make a region called 'Sales' and have 2 report regions inside of it, called 'Month to Date' and 'Year to Date' but there doesnt seem to be an easy way of doing so. When I just have the three regions on the page, the Sales title only appears above the Month to Date, and the Year to Date is up much higher, kind of like this:


If anyone knows how to have a region within a region or has any other suggestions I'd be very grateful.

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