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Region with image lists, best way to implement it in APEX

M EmmanuelApr 17 2016 — edited Apr 18 2016

In Oracle APEX using database Oracle XE 11g Release 2:

I am defining some categories (CATEGORY table) which will have associated zero or more images (IMAGES table).

The images will be stored in a IMAGES table with the CATEGORY_ID column as foreign key so they are associated to a given category.

While watching category edit page, I would like to implement a region which somehow could mimic Wordpress way of displaying media images.

So images stored in column database would be presented in a row.

I am wondering if there could be some templating options that combined with a classic report might work here or if a different strategy should be used to be more aligned with APEX implementation.

Could someone point me into the right direction to achive this (just good guidelines on where to look further or the steps to achieve it)?



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Added on Apr 17 2016