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Region display selector does not transition to the next region

Yahwei_LeeApr 1 2024

Hello APEX gurus

I am working on an apex app, where I am supposed to create a drilldown table with 5 layers, to work around, I have create a region display selector followed by 5 interactive reports/(5 regions), on the interactive reports, there are link columns on report1, which I click, it is supposed to go to the next tab/(region2 containing report2), on report2 there are links, upon clicking, it is supposed to go to region3 containing report3, and so on until it reaches report5.

i assigned a class to links in every reports, then use Jquery selectors as click event, under the true action, i am using the following code to make the next tab active.

setTimeout(function() {
apex.region("tabs").widget().aTabs("getTabs")["#one"].makeActive();}, 300);

however, the transition (go to next tab) only works one time after refresh, it is not transition 5 times as i expected.

what is the reason? any way to fix it?

Thank you in advance.


This post has been answered by fac586 on Apr 1 2024
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Added on Apr 1 2024