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Reg : sys_guid()

915396Apr 15 2013 — edited Apr 15 2013
Hi Experts,

I know question is very simple, but just trying to learn things clearly...

I'm not able to get the use of <tt>SYS_GUID</tt> here.
It seems like it's used to generate some unique id but why <tt>'PRIOR SYS_GUID()'</tt> and that too checking for <tt>'IS NOT NULL'</tt>?
        SELECT 1 id, 'A,B' str FROM DUAL
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 2 id, 'C,D' str FROM DUAL
        --UNION ALL
        --SELECT 2 id, 'B,A,E,E,E,D,F' str FROM DUAL
    id, regexp_substr(str,'[^,]',1,level), level, SYS_GUID() 
from xx
connect by level <= length(replace(str,','))
    and PRIOR id =  id
    and PRIOR SYS_GUID() is not null  /* on commenting this getting err : "ORA-01436: CONNECT BY loop in user data" */
order by id, level;
Output :
1	A	1	DA607FA725E21435E0440003BA095435
1	B	2	DA607FA725E41435E0440003BA095435
2	C	1	DA607FA725E61435E0440003BA095435
2	D	2	DA607FA725E81435E0440003BA095435
Can any body please explain me this?

Oracle version: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release ** - 64bi
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