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Refresh shuttle using dynamic action without clearing the previous selected values

S-MaxJan 19 2016 — edited Jan 20 2016

Hello all,

I have a page with 2 items (textfield and shuttle-item) and one button:

Username: guest

Password: gast

With the textfield I would like to filter the shuttle item. This works fine, but it clears the previously selected shuttle values.

For exaple:

  1. Enter in the text-element "mi" and click on the button "Search"
  2. Select "MILLER" in the left field of the shuttle item and move it to the right item of the shuttle
  3. Now enter in the text-element "ad" and click on the button "Search"
  4. The shuttle item will be refreshed, but the right field of the shuttle item will be cleared.

Is it possible to realize this requirement using APEX and dynamic actions so, that after the shuttle-refresh the previously selected values are not deleted?

Best regards

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