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Refresh Select List supported in Apex 19.2?

John like many othersOct 28 2020 — edited Oct 28 2020

I'm working with Apex 19.2
I have a simple Select List source-based on a SQL using Item values of another region. The Select List has no parent cascading list. The Select List will be filled properly on loading the mask. Depending on the values of the mentioned items (used in SQL of Select List) the list content as such should change. So there is a button next to Select List executing a "Refresh" (provided action) on the Select List (affected items -> select list).
The problem: After pressing the button the select list is empty instead of refreshed. It even keeps empty if the other items (used in the SQL of the Select List source) do not change.
Is the internal Refresh action not working with Select List?
If yes: Is there something specific to do/set in order to make it work?
If no: Is there another possibility/solution I can use in order to refresh the Select List adhoc?
Thank you for any hints

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Added on Oct 28 2020