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Refresh Report Based On Validation.

Mencis JoeMay 12 2016 — edited May 13 2016

Hi all. I have an interactive report and 2 date picker items in a page. I want to refresh the interactive report when the date is changed. I have created a dynamic action to refresh the report when the date items change. This works fine. But I want to display a message when the 'From date' is greater than the 'To date'. (i.e the refresh should be done only when the 'From date' is less than or equal to the 'To date'). My dynamic action is as follows.

Event: Change

Selection Type: Items


Condition: Javascript Expression.

Value: $x("P2_FROM_DATE").value <= $x("P2_TO_DATE").value

True Action: Refresh the report

False Action: Notification plugin (Says From date should be less than or equal to To date).

The application works fine when the 'From date' is less than 'To date'. But When 'From date' is equal to 'To date' the false action is getting triggered instead of true action.  I have created an example in oracle apex. Can someone take a look. The details are as follows.

Workspace: GOVADA

Pwd: krishna_1

App. No. 105334

Page: 2.


This post has been answered by Tom Petrus on May 12 2016
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