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Refresh interactive report without scrolling page?

Andrew VJul 14 2015 — edited Jul 15 2015


I have a page with three interactive reports arranged vertically on the page. I want each of these reports to refresh automatically so I added the following to my page header:

setInterval("jQuery('#report1').trigger('apexrefresh');", 10000);

setInterval("jQuery('#report2').trigger('apexrefresh');", 10000);

setInterval("jQuery('#report3').trigger('apexrefresh');", 10000);

The code works and the data is refreshed, the problem with this is that when this happens APEX appears to put focus on the report it's refreshing and page scrolls to it. This means that the user could be down at the bottom of the page viewing report 3 but every 10 seconds they are snapped back up to report 1 at the top of the page.

Is there any way to refresh the reports without having the focus put on them?

I'm using Application Express

Many thanks.

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