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Refresh components outside the event root component - Panel Collection

Robert ŠajinaSep 22 2017 — edited Sep 25 2017


After reading this post:,-what-is-an-event-root i understood what an event root component is and what is it doing.

My request is to refresh components outside the event root component.

We have a declarative component that has a Panel Collection inside. Panel collection is a event root component which means that when i press a button located in the panel collection toolbar, it only refreshes panel collection and it's children.

Because we can have more than one table in the same page, that is more than one declarative component, hence more than one panel collection. All tables on the page are depended on each other and needs to be refresh when an action occurs on each of them.

I know i can do it declarative by adding partialTriggers on each of table, buttons and so on, but this requires a lot of work and requires more work when something changes on the declarative component.

I would like to know if there is some way i can emit that event is occurred in the panel collection to the parent of declarative component so that all components of page(region) are refreshed(rerendered).

Basically i need that the panel collection is no longer an event root component, eater by somehow emitting a event to the parent, or just somehow saying that the panel collection is not a event root.

Thank you.


This post has been answered by SanjeevChauhan on Sep 23 2017
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