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Refresh child view on insert of a new parent

PamelaDec 9 2014 — edited Dec 10 2014


JDeveloper version

I have a page with two tables Person Category and Person. The views used fro the tables are linked with a ViewLink. When a row is selected in the Person Category table the Person table is refreshed and the list of people having the selected category is displayed.

On a second page I have a form for edit of a Person Category. Bellow the form I have the same table Person with ability to add or delete records from it.

When I create a new Person Category from the first page I navigate to the second page. A new Person Category is created and the form is empty, but I am unable to refresh the Person table it is still containing people from the previously selected category. The Person table is refreshed if the page is refreshed?

How can I refresh the Person table when I create a Person Category?

I tried a method call to set the new row as a CurrentRow for the PersonCategoryView, then executing the query for the PersonView, before navigating to the second page.

It didn't work.



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Added on Dec 9 2014