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Reconfigure php/oci8 for different library path

user634615Jul 16 2012 — edited Aug 7 2012
I am currently using php 5.3 with oci8 1.4.7 on Debian with Oracle instant client 11.2.3 to connect to a remote database.
I need to install Oracle's regular client on the server so that we can use other tools which will not work with the instant client such as sql loader.
Once I do, I would like to have the php/oci8 setup use the libraries of the regular client and not the instant client.
However, I can find lots of references for performing initial installs of php with the oci8 extension, but I can't find anything on what to do
when I simply want to reconfigure the current install of php and oci8 to work with the regular client's libraries.
Is it a simple matter of editing configuration files? If so, which ones?
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Added on Jul 16 2012
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