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Recompiling in "no PL/SQL translation for the bindtype given for this bind variable"

eliasfmApr 26 2023


I'm seeing that there are some fmb's that are almost impossible to compile on version In a project of about 4000 fmbs I have found about 150 that have the problem “no PL/SQL translation for the bindtype given for this bind variable” and they are almost impossible to compile.

I have seen in support document 2934756.1 which suggests converting the fmb to text and then converting back to fmb. It works in some (very few).

I have seen that identifying the block.field or the parameter that fails, if the data type is changed in the properties and then it is left as it was, it is fixed, but there are cases in which they are system variables.

It is also sometimes solved by deleting the program unit and recreating it, but if it is a program unit inherited from an object library this cannot be done.

Anyone knows how to solve this? It's very frustrating, managing to compile 1 fmb can take a lot of work time.


This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Nov 11 2023
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Added on Apr 26 2023