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Java Programming

Recommended browser for course?

da2739cd-d785-4641-a8ec-15e4c45f9fd9Apr 28 2017 — edited Apr 28 2017

Hi, I've just completed the first lesson (thank you for creating this course)

While going through the content I was not seeing green ticks as I completed the various parts of the lesson. Once I'd done all the tasks, the progress tab showed only about half of the items as completed.  I managed to get everything to show 100% by going in and out several times for all the unticked activities but it took some time.

Is there a recommeneded browser I should be using to follow this course?  (I'm running Firefox 53.0 32-bit)



Also, when trying to run any of the projects supplied for the course in netbeans, I get an error appear- "one or more project resources could not be found".  The fix was simple enough but thought I'd highlight it in case you wanted to put it in the FAQ...

click "resolve problems"

problem: "JDK_1.8" platform could not be found

click "resolve"

under "use an existing Java platform", choose the installed JDK, in my case named "JDK 1.8"

(only weirdness on my install is I installed to my D-drive, perhaps this confused things?)



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Added on Apr 28 2017