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Re-Create RAC database after failover.

ma365Jul 25 2007 — edited Jul 25 2007

I'd be grateful if anyone could provide some pointers or advice on how to rebuild a RAC primary database after failing over to a single instance physical standby?

2 node RAC database (10gR2) which has a single instance physical standby on another host.

If the site where the RAC database is hosted fails I would failover ( not switchover) to the single instance physical standby hosted at the DR site.

When the original primary site is back online and the original 2 node RAC hosts are back I would like to resume a 2 node RAC service. (turning a blind eye to how the clusterware would be restored for now :-)

My current thinking is that I would have to take a backup of the single instance database at the DR site which is now acting as the primary. Use this backup to create a 2 node RAC physical standby of the single instance primary that is now running in the DR site and then switchover from the single instance back to the 2 node RAC.

Does anyone have any experience of recreating a RAC primary after performing a failover to single instance standby.

The following white paper from Oracle describes how to create a single instance standby for a RAC primary.

What I am after is information on how to rebuild the RAC database after failing over to the single instance standby?

Any input appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Added on Jul 25 2007
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