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RBA is stuck

User_JZE53Sep 8 2023

Hello ,

does anyone know what to do if the replicat is running and its always on the same RBA and the same trail file ,

and in the report it's visibile only switching to next trail file OGG information.

So in the report its only visible its switching every second or so to the next file , and although filenames keeps changing,

RBA in the report is always the same, but differrent when checked with info * in the ggsci.

I tried to restart replicat few times, didnt help.

Tried to do an alter of the replicat to force a switch to the next trail file, then it was at that file for some time, not showing any progress or RBA info, and failed after some time .

Is there a way to make that RBA moving further ?

I see the files are there, so it there some corrupction happening maybe ?

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Added on Sep 8 2023